Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions. We Have Answers. If you have a specific question not listed here please contact us.

How we solve?

Gather all information.

The most important task at this point is to get the clear understanding of your website.
Find the key point.

After the planning step is complete, all the information is obtained from the client and resources are gathered, it’s time to focus on the visual aesthetics for the project.
Processing all the information.

Many core tasks are involved here such as building the site structure, constructing the templates, importing data, publishing content, and creating news stories and events, etc.
Finally Get the Result.

Our digital marketing report gives you the amount of detail you need.

The goal of our company is to build customized software applications that meet the highest standards of quality. We design and develop solutions on top of our existing platform which speeds up the whole development process. Our team of software architects, developers, designers and digital marketing experts will help you to transform your idea into the best virtual solution on the market for your niche.

We have testing team and Quality Assurance (QA) team work on the usability and quality of the products.

You will be working directly with our consultants or team lead from our design or development department. But you will be able to request a meeting with the developer or designer that is working for you.

We will send you regular project status reports. We use a combination of per-determined update schedules (normally email).

Yes, you will be able to make changes to the design as per your requirement.

For our clients, we provide two payment models: FIxed Price and Hourly Rate model. When project scope is clear and unlikely to change, fixed price model can be a good approach. For large projects, we usually recommend hourly rate model. For some clients, we can also offer a hybrid of both hourly rate and fixed price mode. But don’t worry, we send our fees in the project proposal before the start of the project.

Of course! Some of our clients want to safeguard their project idea before proceeding with a development company. This is no problem. If you’d like an NDA, we have a good one we can send you.

Usually it takes 4 to 5 months to rank low and medium competition keywords to be get ranked in Search Engines. But if the keywords have high mode of competition it may take more than that. So it depends upon the competition, that’s why we give guarantee on low and medium competition keywords not for high competition keywords.

We will repair on-page onsite strong seo to make the website perfectly SEO friendly.